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About Us
DIGNO ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Was established in September of 1989, is one of Taiwan, Rep. Of china’s leading manufacturing and designing of printed circuit boards, electronic components and SMT assembly boards. DIGNO facility is conveniently located within thirty minutes of the Taoyuan, taiwan International Airport. We offer a medium to high volume manufacturing solution with excellence in printed circuit boards, and Circuit boards assembly.  
DIGNO provides Single layer, Double layers, 4 multilayer PCB, FPCB soft boards, As well the UL PC boards. Since 1993 we have supplied OEM/ODM goods to the companies in USA, Japan, Australia, Europe. These products include PCB assemblies and telecommunications, computer, mobile phone and automotive peripherals.
We are dedicated to providing world class assembly services while maintaining competitive standard on services, costs, quality and delivery.  Printed circuit board assembly require the stringent control of line set ups, solder paste application, reflow profiling and other key process. Every process is taken care of in-house from SMT and DIP and assembly to testing and packing. Our qualified defect rate is 0.5 percent, fewer defects than the competition. 
DIGNO will continue to develop new technology, enhance competitiveness, endeavor to provide higher level SMT PCB and full-hearted service. We are poised to handle a variety of assembly services for most products with a commitment to quality assurance. Since the quality of our production process is guaranteed, Why not contact with us TODAY.